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Iron Buck

Introducing one of JRTARGETS new releases, “The Iron Buck”. Made from our special AR550 / NJ Level IV certified plate. Comes with a reactive/replaceable vital plate made of the same material that our Recon targets are made of.

Why AR550?: This is when the old saying “Go Big or Go Home” stays true. We rather provide a stronger / heavier composition product that will last longer for your various applications then provide a lesser. While still maintaining very reasonable priced product for our Canadian market.

Current Users:

Even though we are very young and new to the game, we are lucky to have some highly respected individuals and associations using our products today. We rely on this and everyone that uses our products for feed back in our products so can maintain the STT philosophy as best as possible.

Users such as:

Milcun Training Center, Operational Shooting Association, Toronto Police Tactical Shooting Club, Desert Tech (Canadian Distributor), Grech Outdoors, PRS – Meaford Long Range Steel Challenge and various police services and recreational shooters across Canada.